Discover the Perfect Canary Island for Your Dream Holiday

The Canary Islands, though part of Spain, are a treasure trove of diverse landscapes and unique experiences. Closer to Marrakech than Madrid, these sub-tropical paradises offer year-round sunny weather across six main islands – Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Palma, Tenerife, and La Gomera. Each island boasts its own distinctive charm, catering to varied interests and preferences. Join us as we explore the best of each Canary Island to help you decide which one is the ideal match for your next unforgettable holiday.

Tenerife – Best Canary Island for Nightlife:

For sun-seekers, Tenerife’s golden beaches and lively Playa de las Americas nightlife are unbeatable. Venture inland to discover Teide National Park, home to Mount Teide – the world’s third-largest volcano. Plan your visit for late February/early March to experience Santa Cruz’s vibrant Carnival, one of the largest celebrations globally.

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Gran Canaria – Best Canary Island for Hiking:

Beyond its vibrant nightlife, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria’s main city, offers historical gems like the 15th-century Cathedral of Santa Ana. The island’s diverse terrain features stunning beaches, massive sand dunes, and pine forest-covered mountains, making it an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts.

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Lanzarote – Best Canary Island for Families:

Shaped by centuries of volcanic activity, Lanzarote’s lunar-like landscape is complemented by charming whitewashed towns and modern art. Families can enjoy Ranchos Texas Park, the island’s largest theme park, and explore various family-friendly activities amidst its unique scenery.

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Fuerteventura – Best Canary Island for Beaches:

Fuerteventura beckons beach lovers with its Playa de Sotavento, a hotspot for watersports enthusiasts. July sees the coast come alive with kite surfing, windsailing, and diving. Surprisingly, the island is also known for its goats, outnumbering its human population, and producing delicious goat cheese.

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La Gomera – Best Canary Island for Authenticity:

To savor authentic Canarian cuisine, head to the restaurants in La Gomera’s capital, San Sebastián. Specialties like ‘Potaje De Berros’ (watercress soup) and ‘Papas Arrugadas’ (boiled potatoes with fiery Mojo sauce) await. Experience the unique ‘el silbo’ language, a whistling form of communication echoing through the ravines.

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La Palma – Best Canary Island for Snorkelling:

La Palma, a peaceful haven, is celebrated for its wildlife and the Enchanted Forest. Ideal for those seeking tranquility, the island offers black-sand beaches with clear waters perfect for snorkelling. Embrace intimate tapas restaurants and stunning sunsets away from the bustling crowds.

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Each Canary Island has its own allure, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you seek vibrant nightlife, family-friendly activities, pristine beaches, authentic experiences, or tranquil natural beauty, the Canary Islands have something special waiting for you. Start planning your dream holiday today!

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