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Welcome to the start of your wildlife adventure! From introductory experiences to remote wilderness excursions, no two safaris are alike. Choosing your ideal safari is an exciting part of the process, and our team of experienced Personal Travel Experts is here to assist you.

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Africa boasts an abundance of extraordinary safari destinations, each promising a distinct and unforgettable adventure.

Kenya: This East African gem is renowned for its incredible wildlife encounters. Here, you can witness the famous “Big Five” – lions, rhinos, elephants, Cape buffalos, and leopards. Between July and October, the Maasai Mara hosts a spectacular event known as the Great Migration, often called “the greatest wildlife show on Earth.” Many camps in Kenya are unfenced, allowing you to experience wildlife in its natural habitat.

Tanzania: In Tanzania, the Ngorongoro Crater is a natural wonder teeming with over 30,000 animals, offering year-round game viewing. The Serengeti, with its iconic baobab trees, offers excellent opportunities to spot big cats and enjoy luxury tented camps and thrilling hot air balloon rides. The quieter southern parks are havens for birdwatching, wilderness safaris, and stargazing under the African night sky.

South Africa: South Africa is a safari paradise, featuring the famous Kruger National Park, where you can encounter the “Big Five.” From July to December, Hermanus offers fantastic whale-watching opportunities. There are numerous private game reserves, some of which are malaria-free and provide boutique hotels and luxurious safari lodges. South Africa also invites you to explore picturesque landscapes, historic cities, and world-class beaches.

Botswana: Botswana’s Great Okavango Delta offers unique water-based safari experiences, while the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans are known for their meerkats and the annual migration of over 20,000 zebras. In Chobe National Park, you can witness the world’s largest elephant herds and endangered species like African painted dogs. Transfers are often made by light aircraft, providing breathtaking aerial views of the distinctive landscapes.

Namibia: This country is famous for its striking landscapes and also boasts impressive and unusual wildlife. Here, you can find endemic black-faced impalas, endangered black rhinos, desert-adapted elephants, and the world’s largest population of cheetahs. Etosha National Park is the go-to destination for safaris, with spring-fed waterholes bustling with wildlife, especially during the dry season from June to November.

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe offers one of Southern Africa’s most spectacular and unspoiled wildlife experiences. Explore the wilderness on foot during walking safaris, guided by some of the world’s finest wildlife experts. Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park is home to remarkable species like the Angolan giraffe, Burchell’s zebra, and Cape buffalo. It also boasts the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, which forms the border with neighbouring Zambia.

Rwanda: For an extraordinary primate encounter, head to Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park is home to ten mountain gorilla families, making it one of the world’s premier gorilla sighting destinations. Dense forests here are alive with diverse flora and fauna, including colobus and mangabey monkeys. Nyungwe National Park is another highlight, popular for chimpanzee trekking adventures.