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New York over Valentine's Day

New York over Valentine's Day

11th February 2019

4 nights

Direct Heathrow flights

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One of the biggest NYC events in February is Valentine’s Day. NYC offers plenty of ideas that should help you plan the Goldilocks of dates: one that's not too cheap, not too expensive, not too over-the-top and not too uncaring. It'll be just right! Enjoy a decadent dinner at one of the best NYC restaurants, take one of our cool and romantic walking tours or invite your date over and put on our playlist of the best sex songs for your homemade, candlelit dinner. Single or not the romantic type? Luckily, there's always a party worth going to in our pick of the best parties in New York. From some of the world’s most unique museum dates to some classic options like charming ice-skating in Rockefeller Plaza, stunning aerial views, and intimate picnics in Central Park, , it’s hard to imagine a more romantic city than New York. 

The Empire State Building has a reputation as one of the most romantic buildings in the world – in no small part due to its history of having served as the location for any number of romantic films, lovers’ rendezvous, and even proposals. Take a ride to the top, day or night, and enjoy that soaring feeling of being on top of the world. Re-enact “An Affair to Remember” and meet exactly at 7:01 pm. Then, you can enjoy a fun and flirty meal at some of the nearby restaurants (although we do recommend heading away from Times Square to avoid crowds). Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the special lighting effects in honor of Valentine’s Day – the top of the spire will be lit with alternating red and pink sparkles.

Walk through some of the city’s best parks, like Central Park or Prospect Park, and enjoy the beautiful snow-covered landscape. Or, if there doesn’t happen to be any snow during the time of your visit, keep an eye out for the always lovely evergreens! That said, if you’d prefer the romance of nature without the reality of the weather, try a visit to the New York Botanical Garden or the Brooklyn Museum & Botanic Garden, both of which offer indoor spaces featuring gorgeous tropical plants.


Staying at the Row NYC, you'll be centrally located in New York, just a 4-minute walk from Broadway and 6 minutes by foot from Times Square. The Row NYC hotel has pioneered a new era of individuality among Times Square hotels by meeting NYC’s signature urban grit with grandeur. Row NYC transforms your New York city stay into a completely contemporary experience – with a front row view to Times Square that’s truly incomparable. Outside the hotel, guests have access to anything and everything Times Square has to offer – 24/7. Inside, the Row NYC is a medley of inspired New York City amenities.

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